Official Smogon Doubles Tournament II - Round 1

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It's about 6 hours before the deadline for matches, and I haven't heard anything from my opponent since Monday. I asked what time zone my foe was in for scheduling purposes, then asked if my foe was available after still not hearing anything, and now, unless they suddenly respond (in which case I shall edit this post), I don't think they will show up. I have not been contacted by this person outside of the attached conversation, neither in the Smogon forums nor Discord. I want to make it clear that I am trying to participate fully in this tournament, and am posting this early because I don't want to find out the hard way that I messed up the timezone conversions.
Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 7.32.01 PM.png
JRL over TheWarlock117
ArcticBreeze over depress10n
Tenzai over Ripplecreme
Estarossa over GangBangKang
JustTwoBeans over Fuuka_Yamagishi
Shaneghoul over Kuttispielt
Z Strats over Scout Silver
Huargensy over Albany2021
AmericanPi over Liakos
omicorio over Dunndeez
Nails over @DefinitlyDani
kDCA over Bonzai
dex over bruh547
M2T8R9 over Glamingow
luser over BART.not.BRAT
Animus over JoJoVGC
Sirrom over 3rd Shift
Shadowmonstr7 over jsshrom
QianJiang-China over sleazer25
Descending over TTV_DarkAngel25
Balomogon over ZENAR3RD0
Shadow_Hatchet over Sleekzeke
Dflo over OzoneSpark
MZB over truthwhenilie
akaFila over Strange127
MagearnaTheBoss over TokyoDesu
Arkado over Ujustgotrecked
Fairy Juice Jay over Sibwind
Aaronboyer over Mareeoh
HollowMoth16 over souperman1439
Fragments over Kidswillrule11
Zeal over AmongusChampion
Akaru Kokuyo over MonkeyKiss
shaian over j5677
Mendeez over RDarkWarlord
Avocadorable over Enzonana.
Ticken over iamprohahah
IBM over zmlgamer
Zigh over FroakieJoltick
Perish Song over Halinor 8i
Commander Beta over @TheRice01
Frixel over Firedrake725
Tikkito over JasonJah
qsns over Snowiera
YoBuddy over JackPilotF2
Alix-Farin over JuanSG
monothmallard over ballooncucumber
SiceXV  over colors²
SingleThunder over Drosnight4443
Paraplegic over nixxreaper
xSkelly34 over nubular
Fissure1  over MrDoor
LoSconosciuto  over rotnose
IdolCian over Wrld957
GameGater over Unax1053
yuki over Starlit173
Wilski780 over WWWinterstain
Chris32156 over AcE8216_
Neblina over Slime!
tier over Iosif
Lucky-Sama over Treh32
Lunala over XKH
hooplahk over Flybunz
Elfuseon over CreamBeater
Whammerist over shedinja ninja69
Éric over fliskie
Jisoo over HisuianZoroark
RKD over Notaguest123
Fc over Urban_del
Agentkeval over Sliceofbread96

RyPi over maxhooij
xavgb over Quartosa
Bilbooo over biberlibaklava
Magmoz over epic17x
EmPlayz over Chui choo
HRCassetteTape over deez fts
deoxys speed over Nick.see
Aihamu3u3 over Retrostyle
Radius47 over Klouty
polio is coolio over Skitty Kitty
JPabloSenpai over zade1029
Artemi113 over Animal Cannibal
PrinceSuicune over Smol
Imperial-XV over OhB2
PokenerdCentral over Chetyre
Hockey1 over gorex see here
Karttler. over Rodrii-Kioya
BlazingDark over Your mom op.
StuffedRavioli over Togenium Z
PooiestTrainer over EviGaro
Keqinamu over BrilliantBeheeyem
Khoner14 over Tapu Yolo
hellpowna over Bolt stiker
TectonicDestroyer over Adam3560
Lukeison animations over xxGelflingxx
kiretutu over avarice
lhce628 over Webwyane

Please contact me, TPP, zee, or a Tournament Director with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the activity calls. Round 2 is coming shortly.
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